Breaker Board installation using 6mm Quickfix system

If your new Ekodeck has either breaker boards or a picture-frame, good news – everything you need is already in your Quickfix kit!

No doubt you’ve already started installing a few boards, so you’ve probably got the hang of how to use the 6mm Quickfix system.

6mm Standard Clip

To secure your breaker board or picture frame…

…you’re going to be using the Standard Clips from your Quickfix kit.

Step 1: Leave your decking boards slightly over-length and install, leaving the last row of Standard Clips unfastened.

We do this to best manage the natural expansion and contraction of Ekodeck as a composite, and the ensure consistent gapping throughout the deck.

For more information on expansion and contraction, and why we recommend using breaker boards over butt joints with Ekodeck, check out this article.

Step 2: Mark out the breaker board location, and where you’ll be cutting the decking boards.

The gap you’ll leave between the ends of the decking boards and the breaker board will depend on the length of the decking boards and the ambient temperature at the time of installation (see table below).

End Gap Table

Board length (m)Temperature during installation (Co)

Trim the boards to length using a circular saw and straight edge (see video below).

Note: Make sure that the depth on your saw isn’t so deep that you cut into your sub-frame.

Step 3: Drop the breaker board in.

Slide the end of the standard clip into the groove of the breaker board.

Fasten the clips down.

Drop the breaker board in, slide all the standard clips towards the breaker and into the grooves on the sides of the breaker board, and then screw the clips down.

When installing an Edge Board, the same principle applies – you’ll just be sliding the clips into one side of the Edge Board rather than both sides of the breaker board.

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