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With up to 90% reclaimed and recycled content in Ekodeck® Classic, we are leading the way for timber decking alternatives by utilising recycled content.

Through Global GreenTagCertTM GreenRate™ Level C product certifications, Ekodeck Classic is recognised as a ‘Sustainable Product’.

Ekodeck’s GreenRate certified decking means that you can earn credit under the New Zealand Green Building Council’s (NZGBC’s) Green Star® building rating tool, to achieve a Green Star® rating on your project.

Classic / Global GreenTag / GreenRate Level C Certification

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What is Global GreenTagCertTM?

Global GreenTagCertTM is a Product Certification Standard, operated by Global GreenTag International, an independent, third-party assessment, certification and eco-labelling body that complies under strict International Standards to evaluate products for their ethical, health and environmental attributes.

The organisation provides certified product information to help consumers, architects and builders discern between product claims when looking for products with reduced environmental impact, so they can make informed choices.

Products certified under the Global GreenTagCertTM Standard are assessed using some of the world’s best scientific methods and, for fitness testing, against various standards.

Why Global GreenTagCertTM?

Global GreenTag’s certifications and eco-labels are recognised internationally and can be found on products in various industries, playing a significant role in promoting sustainability and green building practices by helping consumers and businesses make environmentally responsible choices when selecting products and materials.

‘Greenwashing’ is an ever-present issue in consumer markets – where any brand can call themselves “eco-friendly” with no evidence to back up their claims.

Having a Global GreenTagCertTM certification means that you can be sure that any claims about environmental impact and sustainability by a brand are legitimate, and that the product has been rated on multiple facets of environmental responsibility.

Ekodeck and Global GreenTagCertTM

At Ekodeck, one of our core business principles is the fact that all our composite products contain up to 90% reclaimed timber and recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Having a Global GreenTagCertTM GreenRateTM Level C certification on our Classic decking means that you can be sure that Ekodeck Classic is recognised as a ‘Sustainable Products’ for it’s recycled content and no toxicity in use.

We’re always striving towards being better for the environment, and by obtaining a Global GreenTagCertTM certification, it signifies that our products have met certain standards related to environmental impact and sustainability, so we can work towards a greener future.

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