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Whether it’s the differences between our decking boards, how composites behave or installation tips and techniques, you’ll find answers to all of the most frequently asked questions right here.

Classic VS Designer Series: Which is right for you?

How to make your own Ekodeck Classic edge boards

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How do I clean my Ekodeck?

Ekodeck will require occasional cleaning to keep it looking at its best. We recommend performing a General Clean once a year, washing your decking with warm soapy water followed by a rinse using a garden hose.

Can I screw my Ekodeck down?

Ekodeck is designed to be installed using our concealed fastening system, Quickfix.


However, our Classic range of Ekodeck is able to be top-fixed using screws if need be. We recommend predrilling an oversize clearance hole, countersinking and fastening using 10g stainless screws every 450mm.


We do not recommend or warrant Ekodeck Designer Series top-fix installations. Our Designer Series boards must be installed using our Quickfix system.

Can I paint Ekodeck?

No, due to the polyethylene component of Ekodeck, we are yet to find a product which adequately adheres to it. Adhesion to HDPE plastic is difficult, and as such we do not recommend painting, sealing or staining your Ekodeck.

Where can I buy Ekodeck?

Ekodeck is exclusively available at Bunnings, meaning that not only is Ekodeck available at Bunnings Warehouses across New Zealand, it means trade pricing, online ordering and delivery and warranties you can trust.

Installing Ekodeck over concrete

How to keep your Ekodeck clean and looking great

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