Designer Series / Technical Specifications

Ekodeck Decking / Designer Series / Product Specifications

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Structural Design Certification

Engineering Evaluation Certificate AS/NZS 1170.1 Ekodeck Designer Series

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3.64kg/m (19.66Kg per 5.4m length)



450mm (max). Min. 2 spans

Water Absorption

ASTM D570-98
Mean: 1.43%
Max: 1.57%

UV Resistance

ASTM G154, or EN 15534-1:2014 Section 8.1

720h, Grey Level= 4-5

Weathering test

ISO 4892-2:2013 cycle 1

After 720-hour test, there was no visual chalking on the surface.

Slip Resistance

1. AS4586:2013 Oil-wet inclining platform method

Result: R10

Ekodeck Designer Series R10 Attar Report 17283 10

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2. AS4586-2013 Wet pendulum test method

Result: P5

Ekodeck Designer Series P5 Attar Report 17283 9

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Ekodeck Decking boards are supplied with a certified anti-slip rating as per AS4586:2013. Over time, dependent on traffic, environment and other external factors, the surface may wear. It is the responsibility of the owner to periodically test the boards to ensure anti-slip rating requirements are being met.

Luminance Reflectance Value

AS 1428.1-2009 Appendix B (also compliant with AS/NZS 1428.4.1-2009) Luminance Reflectance Value (LRV) Testing


Alpine Ash Ironwood Leatherwood Backbeach Riverbank Red Estate Brown
In Dry: 19.10 In Dry: 10.73 In Dry: 14.45 In Dry: 24.21 In Dry: 9.46 In Dry: 8.42
In Wet: 18.35 In Wet: 9.59 In Wet: 11.95 In Wet: 22.24 In Wet: 5.94 In Wet: 6.15

Ekodeck LRV Testing Report 2022 AS 1428.1-2009

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Mould Resistance

ISO 16869:2008 Plastic assessment of the effectiveness of fungistatic compounds in plastic formulations

0 (no growth)

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion

ASTM D696-08

3.19×10-5 cm/cm/oC


ASTM D792-13 Method B


Janka Hardness

ATSM D1037-12

Result: 10.78

Ekodeck Designer Series Janka Hardness Report


Falling Mass Impact Resistance

BS EN15534-1:2014 + A1: 2017 Section EN15534-4: 2014 Section 4.5.1

Type: Solid profile max/crack length(mm): no crack Max. Residual indentation (mm) 0.08

Abrasion/Wear resistance

ASTM D4060-14

Mass/Weight loss, 40.5mg


EU Reach regulation N01907/2006 Article 33(1) Obligation to provide information of safe use.


Static Electricity

All co-extruded composite decking, including Ekodeck+ Designer Series can, under certain conditions, exhibit build-up of static electricity.


The biggest contributing factors of static electricity build-up are low humidity and dry environmental conditions, the type of subframe materials used in construction and the presence of earthing and/or metal balustrading. Whilst installations where static is noticeable are rare, Ekodeck is not in control of these factors and does not warrant against static build-up.


This phenomenon may be reduced by using an anti-static spray (such as ACL Staticide). These products are water based and may require additional applications after rain or other weather conditions. Anti-static mats or insulating touch points such as balustrades or door handles with a sealer may provide a more permanent solution. A clear coat can be applied to insulate touch points – for best results use a UV resistant, outdoor-grade coating. Multiple applications may be required to create an effective insulating barrier.


Generally, the static build-up in the boards tends to reduce over time as the boards wear in.


Ekodeck does not warrant against static build-up in Designer Series boards due to influencing factors beyond our control.

Ekodeck Designer Series Static Electricity Report

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Ekodeck Designer Series MSDS

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Creep Recovery

ASTM D7031-17

Creep recovery: 84%

(requirement >75%) = PASS

Ekodeck Designer Series Creep Recovery Report

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Burning Characteristics

AS ISO 9239.1-2003

Critical flux (transverse): 9.3kW/m2

Critical flux (longitudinal): 5.8kW/m2

Smoke Production: 150%/minute

Ekodeck Designer Series Burning Characteristics ISO 9239.1

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AS 1530.3:1999

Ignition Time (mins.): 10.8

Flame propagation time (s): 155

Heat release integral (Kj/m2): 683.5

Ekodeck Designer Series Burning Characteristics ISO 1530.3

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Ekodeck Designer Series Leatherwood woman and dog

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