Decking done different

Designed specifically for Ekodeck, Quickfix has made it even easier and faster than ever to install your deck. A concealed clip system automatically gaps your boards and hides screws for a clean, modern look.

  • Faster to Lay & install

  • Quick & Easy Fixing System

  • No Hole Marking Needed

quickfix clip

What is Quickfix?

Quickfix is a simple clip system which takes the guess work out of laying your deck. Specifically designed to fit into the grooved edge of Ekodeck Decking boards, the clips provide a secure fastening to your subframe, without the need of screwing through the board.

quickfix clips

Auto-spacing clips

The auto-spacing 6mm Quickfix clips ensure your deck is not only straight and true, but quicker than ever to lay.

Easy for DIYers.

Fast for professionals.

composite decking installation

No Pre-drilling. No worries.

Both professionals and DIYers report an average 30% time saving using Quickfix compared to traditional top-fixing. It’s quicker and easier to use, and you are left with a deck free of fasteners and a clean, modern finish.

6mm quickfix system

6mm Quickfix System

Exposed to the New Zealand climate for years, our longstanding 6mm Quickfix system is made from specially engineered nylon and stainless steel. The 6mm gaps create subtle shadows between the boards which highlight Ekodeck’s long, clean lines.

“Since switching over to Quickfix, my team and I can push out over 50m2 in a day, and not having to mark out screw lines and predrill into timber saves huge amounts of time”

Glen Gambrell – All Decked Out

Quickfix Kit

Everything you need to finish your project, from start to finish, comes in the one kit.

quickfix concealed fastening kit. 6mm board spacing, for timber joists

6mm 100lm Quickfix Kit Timber Joists

  • Item Number

    1. 0131928
  • Contents

    • 250 Standard Clips
    • 14 C-Clips
    • 40 Locking Clips
    • 306 316 SS Screws
    • 2 Star 15 Driver Bits
  • Coverage

    • 100 lineal metres
    • 15m2
    • Approx. 20 x 5.4m boards

    How many kits do I need?

    Calculate quantity

    How many boards do you need? Use our Deck Planner to determine the quantity of boards for your deck. (Eg. 17 boards @ 5.4m)

    Kit it up

    Tally up the total lineal metres of decking you need and divide it by the kit size. (Eg. 17 x 5.4m = 91.8lm. You need 1 x 100m Quickfix kit, 6mm gap for timber joists.)
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    Get started with Ekodeck

    Experience our entire colour range for yourself. We deliver a sample kit complete with each colour direct to your door free of charge.

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