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What is the difference between Ekodeck Designer Series and Ekodeck Classic?

Our Designer Series decking has many of the same great characteristics of Ekodeck Classic, with the added benefit of our Durashell™ coating, which improves the stain resistance of your new Ekodeck Designer Series deck.


Ekodeck Designer Series also comes in 6 great colours, which feature a natural, variable timber grain which mimic the subtle nuances of timber.

Will my Ekodeck Designer Series deck lose its colour or fade?

Like all our products, Ekodeck Designer Series boards are UV stabilised, meaning that you can be sure that your new Ekodeck Designer Series deck won’t majorly fade to grey like timber when exposed to the elements.


As Ekodeck Designer Series contains natural timber fibres, when these fibres are exposed to UV over a long period of time, these fibres may slightly lose their brightness, as would any other exterior building material.

Do Ekodeck Designer Series boards get hotter than timber?

Being a composite product, Ekodeck Designer Series is made up of recycled plastics, and will get marginally hotter than traditional timber. Darker colours absorb more heat – so please take care on hot days. If you wouldn’t go barefoot on a timber on a hot day, please avoid doing so on your Ekodeck Designer Series deck.

What is Durashell™?

Durashell™ is protective coating made up of proprietary polymers, providing a natural variable timber grain aesthetic, as well as a strong, durable shield against staining and discolouration.


Durashell™ wraps and protects the entirety of the board, shielding the core from moisture, UV and Australia’s harshest elements, allowing us to offer an extended warranty of up to 20 years.

Will Durashell™ delaminate?

No, during the manufacturing process the Durashell™ coating is fused to the core in the co-extrusion stage of production. This ensures that the Durashell™ coating cannot delaminate, and that your Designer Series deck will live on and on.

Can I use a pressure washer on my Ekodeck Designer Series deck?

No, we do not recommend using a pressure washer on your Ekodeck Designer Series deck, as this could cause irreparable damage to your deck.

How do I install an Ekodeck Designer Series deck?

Our specifically designed concealed fixing system, Quickfix, makes it easier and quicker than ever to install your deck.

How does Ekodeck Designer Series compare to timber?

Ekodeck Designer Series is UV stabilised and has anti-mould agents included in the mix, making it a longer-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking.


There won’t be any more faded grey and weathered timber decking with Ekodeck Designer Series, and you don’t have to worry about your new Designer Series deck rotting or decaying, and there will be no more time and money spent constantly oiling or sealing like with traditional timber.

How do I finish my Designer Series deck?

As there are no edge boards available, to finish your Designer Series deck you will need to re-work the boards by routing off the leading edge of your decking and fascia boards, so they can lock together cleanly.

For more information check out this handy article!

What kind of maintenance is involved with Ekodeck Designer Series?

Just like Ekodeck Classic, Ekodeck Designer Series does not require any oiling, painting, sealing or staining. If there is a foreign stain on your deck, you can easily clean it up using a damp cloth, or for a more thorough clean, wash it down with warm water and dishwashing liquid.


For more information, download our Care & Maintenance Guide below.

Ekodeck Decking / Designer Series / Care and Maintenance Guide


Can I paint, stain or seal my Ekodeck Designer Series deck?

No, due to the plastic component of Ekodeck Designer Series, painting, staining or sealing is not recommended.

What tools do I need to install an Ekodeck Designer Series deck myself?

You don’t need any specialised tools for installing an Ekodeck Designer Series deck. Standard wood-working tools, such as a drill driver, a drop saw and/or a circular saw with hardwood blades, can be used for installation.

Can I use Ekodeck Designer Series boards as joists?

No, Ekodeck Designer Series is not classified as a structural product and therefore cannot be used as a subframe or for joists.

Will Ekodeck Designer Series build-up static electricity?

All co-extruded composite decking, including Ekodeck Designer Series can, under certain conditions, exhibit build-up of static electricity.


The biggest contributing factors of static electricity build-up are low humidity and dry environmental conditions, the type of subframe materials used in construction and the presence of earthing and/or metal balustrading. Whilst installations where static is noticeable are rare, Ekodeck is not in control of these factors and does not warrant against static build-up.


This phenomenon may be reduced by using an anti-static spray (such as ACL Staticide). These products are water based and may require additional applications after rain or other weather conditions. Anti-static mats or insulating touch points such as balustrades or door handles with a sealer may provide a more permanent solution. A clear coat can be applied to insulate touch points – for best results use a UV resistant, outdoor-grade coating. Multiple applications may be required to create an effective insulating barrier.


Generally, the static build-up in the boards tends to reduce over time as the boards wear in.


Ekodeck does not warrant against static build-up in Designer Series boards due to influencing factors beyond our control.

How can I get samples?

You can request samples via our website here.

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