Decking Cost Comparison

Wondering how Ekodeck compares to timber? Our handy cost comparison tool makes it easy to see the real decking costs over time.

Comparison Calculator

Feel free to adjust the costs yourself to discover the long term savings of your investment.

Deck specifications

Deck area
= {{ deckArea }}m2


$ per hour


$ per m2

$ per m2

Initial costs

Ekodeck Timber
Type of board
Board width
Cost (lineal metre)
$ per lineal metre
inc. GST
$ per lineal metre
inc. GST
Cost (m2) {{ toPrice(compositeCostPerSquareMetre) }} per square metre inc. GST {{ toPrice(timberCostPerSquareMetre) }} per square metre inc. GST

Savings Summary

Total cost breakdown: initial costs

Ekodeck Timber
Material cost {{ toPrice(compositeMaterialCost) }} {{ toPrice(timberMaterialCost) }}
Time to install {{ toPrice(compositeTimeToInstall) }} {{ toPrice(timberTimeToInstall) }}
Preparation time $0 {{ toPrice(timberPrepTime) }}
Preparation cost $0 {{ toPrice(timberPrepCost) }}
Time to oil deck $0 {{ toPrice(timberOilTime) }}
Cost to oil deck $0 {{ toPrice(timberOilCost) }}
Total initial costs {{ toPrice(compositeInitialCost) }} {{ toPrice(timberInitialCost) }}

The above excludes:
Using chemicals to draw out tannins from new timber, or waiting 4-6 weeks weathering process required for new timber.
Restoring back to bare timber using paint stripper or sanding for previously painted or varnished timber.
Sanding back to fresh for weathered or grey timber.

Total cost breakdown: annual costs

Ekodeck Timber
(sanding and preparation)
$0 {{ toPrice(timberPrepPerYear) }}
$0 {{ toPrice(timberOilPerYear) }}
(cleaning & washing)
{{ toPrice(compositeCleaningPerYear) }} $0
Total ongoing annual costs {{ toPrice(compositeOngoingCostPerYear) }} {{ toPrice(timberOngoingCostPerYear) }}


Ekodeck Timber
Total ongoing annual costs {{ toPrice(compositeOngoingCostPerYear) }} {{ toPrice(timberOngoingCostPerYear) }}
Total cost after 10 years {{ toPrice(compositeCostTenYears) }} {{ toPrice(timberCostTenYears) }}
Total cost/m2 over 10 years {{ toPrice(compositeCostTenYearsPerSquareMetre) }} {{ toPrice(timberCostTenYearsPerSquareMetre) }}
Total savings over 10 years {{ toPrice(totalSavingsOverTenYears) }}
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