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Install with ease

Installing Ekodeck Classic is 30% faster with Quickfix, our specially designed hidden fastening system, when compared to traditional top-fixing.

The Quickfix clips automatically space your boards making installing a breeze for both DIYers and professionals alike.

  • Faster to Lay & install

  • Quick & Easy Fixing System

  • No Hole Marking Needed

Ekodeck Decking / Classic / Installation Guide


Install with Quickfix

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Gaps and span

Residential centre-to-centre joist spacing (max)*450mm
Residential centre-to-centre joist spacing (max) for stairs and landings*400mm
Commercial centre-to-centre joist spacing (max)*400mm
Min. ground clearance (with adequate drainage)40mm
Min. ground clearance (without adequate drainage)90mm
Min. side-to-side gap (board spacing)3mm or 6mm,
auto-spaced by clip
Recommended end gapRefer to installation guide
*As per AS/NZS 1170.1. Visit the Technical Specifications webpages for engineering and compliance certificates and for more information on spans, loads and Residential and Commercial applications.

decking cut with track saw

Get that professional finish

Cut your boards oversize, install them with Quickfix, now trim all at the same time.

For more of that professional finish check out our Pro-Tips

Need our best cleaning tips for your new Ekodeck Classic deck?

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Get started with Ekodeck

Experience our entire colour range for yourself. We deliver a sample kit complete with each colour direct to your door free of charge.

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