Eight Ideas To Help You Create The Ultimate Indoor-Outdoor Living Area

Indoor-outdoor living areas are a great way to live an entertaining lifestyle, expand your living space and enjoy the great outdoors. And let’s face it, the opportunities are endless.

You can add an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a lounge area complete with a fire pit, pool or spa or design a simple sitting retreat that allows you a point of escape after a long, hard day.

To help give you some design inspiration, here are eight ways you can transform your backyard into the ultimate indoor-outdoor oasis.

A living room with sliding glass doors and a composite decking.

1. Open it up

One of the greatest advantages of indoor-outdoor living is the additional living space it can give you.

To maximise space and create a seamless transition from the inside out, install large Bifold or French doors to create an open planned feel that merges the indoors and outdoors.

A backyard with a pool and outdoor furniture, featuring luxurious composite decking.

2. Cover it over

While uncovered outdoor areas have their place, if you truly want to bring the outside in, consider closing your outdoor decking area in.

To what degree you do it is entirely up to you – add a ceiling, close off one or two sides or completely enclose it to create an outdoor room that can be used all year round in all weather.

A wooden deck with a couch and a potted plant made of composite decking.

3. Protect your privacy

Privacy is a key part of making your indoor-outdoor area a retreat.

While tall shrubs and landscaping can assist with this, Ekodeck’s versatile and durable screening is a quick and easy way to enhance your privacy and create a sense of seclusion in a stylish and practical way.

A backyard with a composite decking outdoor table and chairs.

4. Mind the height

If you want your indoor-outdoor to flow flawlessly, pay special attention to the level of your flooring.

When the finished level of your decking is the same height as your internal flooring it creates the feeling of an extended space.

A deck made of composite decking material, complete with a sturdy railing and a comfortable chair.

5. Level up

While it’s recommended to keep your flooring heights at the same level where your indoor-outdoor living area meets, you can get a little adventurous by incorporating multiple levels off to the side.

Levelling up or down, can be a great way to separate different areas, add functionality and break up an otherwise flat surface.

Building vertically can also add valuable entertaining space to an under-utilised area in your backyard and be a clever way to get around space constraints.

A backyard with a wooden deck and a swimming pool featuring composite decking.

6. Get creative with colour

It’s no secret that colour has a significant impact on the energy and ambience of a space, so why not get a little adventurous with the colouring of your decking?

With six colours to choose from in our Ekodeck Designer Series, you can easily find the colour right for your area.

Choose a natural, understated timber look like our Leatherwood or something with a little more vibrancy like our Riverbank Red.

If you’re adding a feature pattern within your decking, privacy screen, or fencing, you may also like to experiment with contrasting colours to add depth to your indoor-outdoor living area and create a striking visual effect.

A wooden deck with composite decking and plants on it.

7. Play with patterns

Deck patterns are a great way to create visual impact and make your indoor-outdoor living area unique.

By investing a little thought in the way you layout your decking, you can add dimension, texture, and sophistication to your indoor-outdoor living space.

From subtle bordering and the transitioning of spaces to the use of bold feature patterns in chevron, herringbone, or tile, you can create a truly eye-catching area that captures your style.

A composite decking with a fire pit in the middle.

8. Think outside the box

Think Ekodeck boards are just for your decking and screens? Think again.

They have also been utilised to create pathways, planter boxes, garden beds, bench seats, fencing and bin and hot water system enclosures. You are limited only by your imagination.

Are you looking for more inspiration on what you can do with your Ekodeck? Check out our inspiration gallery to see how Ekodeck has been transforming the indoor-outdoor areas of homes across Australia.

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