How to install Ekodeck using the 6mm Quickfix system

Whether you’re a DIY weekend warrior or a large-scale commercial tradesperson, our concealed fastening system Quickfix makes installing your Ekodeck quick, easy and efficient.

Our 6mm Quickfix system comes with all the clips and screws needed to install your decking. The three clips in your Quickfix kit are:

6mm Standard Clip

Standard Clips

Standard clips automatically space your boards apart, setting a consistent gap whilst anchoring your boards to the subframe.

They are designed in a way to hold the boards down but allow them to slide along the clip as they expand and contract.

6mm Locking Clip

Locking Clips

Locking clips pin your boards in place, which stops them from shifting or coming out of alignment as they expand and contract.

Don’t forget to install these! We recommend placing one locking clip in the centre of each board.

Quickfix Locking Clip


These are used for a range of applications – they can be used to start your deck from a wall and on the bottom edge of your fascia board.

They are also very handy when it comes to stairs and fascia boards because the clips are hidden, allowing for the deck to continue its hidden screw look instead of seeing a screw.

Generally, we recommend starting from the outside edge of your deck and working your way back to your house. This ensures you have a full board on the most noticeable edge of your deck.

To begin, finish the leading board as needed – this process will slightly differ depending on which Ekodeck style of board you have chosen.

If using Ekodeck Classic, check out our handy article on how to make your own edge board here, and if you’re using the Designer Series, this article walks you through how to finish the edge of you Designer Series deck.

Install C-Clips and push your Edge Board into position, check out our video here for more information.

No two decks are the same however – so it might bode better to start from your house depending on your layout or access. If this is the case, install C-Clips in a straight line (a string line is recommended for this) then push your first board into position.

With your first board/Edge Board installed, you can start installing the rest of your deck using Quickfix clips.

Start off by placing a Locking Clip in the groove of the board, nearest to the centre. Screw down slightly to hold the clip in place.

Next, you can insert Standard Clips in the groove of the board on every remaining joist, screwing down slightly to hold the clips in place.

Push your next board into position and continue to install clips as outlined above.

Once you have installed 6-10 boards, ensure your deck is square by measuring out from your first board at both ends.

You can now continue to screw down all the screws until they seat firmly in the clips. Ensure your Locking Clip is sufficiently tightened but be sure not to over-tighten the screws in your Standard Clips, they just need to seat firmly in the clip.

Repeat this process until you reach the end of your deck – if you had started from the outside edge of your deck, you should have your last board finishing up against your house. More often than not you will have to rip this board down to be the right size. This can easily be done using a circular saw.

When it comes to fixing the last side of the last board on your deck, you won’t be able to use a clip because the clip won’t fit or there won’t be a groove in the board.

In this instance we recommend pre-drilling an oversize clearance hole, countersinking and fastening using a 10g stainless steel screw at every joist.

Whilst the desire to maintain a 100% concealed look on your deck might seem overwhelming, we do not recommend the use of adhesive or other means to fasten the last edge of your decking down – for a more inconspicuous finish you can find colour-coded screws from a local fastening supplier.

If you have any queries about how to install your Ekodeck, check out our how-to videos here or get in touch at [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist you with your project.

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